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About Precision
Precision is a traffic analytics tool for retailers to count unique number of people, detect new customer acquisition rate, dwell time, loyal customer visits to other stores, and much more. With Precision product, you are able to receive daily detailed analytics about the behavior of your customers in each of your stores in a privacy friendly way. On top of this you are able to use Industry Research tool and see how is the overall industry doing and what is your market stake.

But that’s not all! Precision is also useful for companies that own outdoor (OOH) advertising places in order to count traffic and see traffic flows between the streets

Precision is a combination of a hardware device and a big data computing cloud platform. Our device works on plug and play Principe and easy to install. While our dashboard Is highly intuitive and easy to use. Every chart is supported by descriptions and detailed instructions. Charts are adjustable and customizable.

Precision is able to identify uniqueness of the customers in a privacy friendly way. Deloitte Lithuania and Deloitte Georgia have delivered GDPR evaluation and consulting services to our company. We are in compliance with GDPR.